Protect your network! HIPAA isn't enough

At first glance, a look at the numbers from HIMSS Analytics' database would seem to offer some encouraging news about U.S. healthcare providers' privacy and security preparedness.
A survey of healthcare organizations nationwide finds that basic security technologies are pretty well-ensconced at most hospitals. Single sign-on authentication may still has some ground to make up – installed at 48.9 percent of providers, compared to 46.9 percent who don't have it – but it's gained a considerable foothold since 2009, when barely more than one quarter of facilities (26.3 percent) were making use of it.
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As for other protections, such as firewalls and spam/spyware filters, majorities of hospitals have them in place: 89.3 percent and 85.2 percent, respectively.
Even encryption – which has long been underused in healthcare for such a relatively simple safeguard that's so commonplace in other industries – shows impressive, some might say surprising, uptake: 78.1 percent of hospitals use it, versus 20.5 percent who don't.
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That's as it should be, says Lisa Gallagher, vice president of technology solutions at HIMSS. Encryption, after all, "is really not that difficult to implement. So it should be implemented, and we've said that for years."
"It's a lot more user-friendly and seamless than before," adds Lee Kim, HIMSS' director of privacy and security. "As a result, it's being deployed more by providers. That's a positive trend."
So that's the good news. The bad? The breaches keep piling up, and the threats are multiplying, harder to get a handle on with every passing day.
As of June 30, more than 1,000 breaches affecting more than 500 patients each – a total of nearly 32,000,000 people! – have been reported to the Department of Health & Human Services.
Some 7.1 million patient records were breached in 2013, according to the most recent annual Redspin Breach Report, published this past February – a 137.7 percent increase since 2012.
Worse, the threat seems only to be getting more multi-tentacled. Once thought merely to be a problem of snooping employees or hapless business associates, an increasing number of breaches nowadays are coming from hackers and other cybercriminals, as they wise up to the monetary value of electronic patient records.
Just after this story went to press for the September 2014 print issue, news broke of the massive attack aimed at 206-hospital Community Health Systems -- the second-largest HIPAA breach ever reported -- in which Chinese hackers, over the course of several months, "used highly sophisticated malware and technology" to gain access to 4.5 million patient records.
Hackers took advantage of the infamous OpenSSL "Heartbleed" vulnerability. It's been a widely-publicized potential threat, with no shortage of tools to detect and protect against it; the fact that it was exploited in this case left many security experts shaking their heads.
Writing in the New England Journal of Medicine recently, Eric Perakslis, executive director of Harvard Medical School's Center for Biomedical Informatics, pointed out that 72 percent of cyberattacks have been aimed at hospitals, group practices and other provider organizations.
Healthcare "is being aggressively and specifically targeted," he wrote.
Perakslis makes the cast that an "active learning approach" – including real-time surveillance of emerging threats – is the right way to better prioritize protection strategies and prevention tactics.
"My biggest concern is that there are just so many more threats against our space," says Kim. "Hackers have been in the news, and all the various breeds of malware that have been cranked out, programs that can build customized malware to a specific target … the worry is that there are so many sources of threat intelligence that need to be scooped up from various sources."
Since "we can't just hermetically seal our information systems and computers and smartphones from the bad things that are trying to infiltrate them," she says, the best we can do is know as much as we can about what we're up against.
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Not that it's easy, of course. It's "very, very trying" for healthcare organizations to vacuum up all the threat intelligence that's out there, "the best and freshest and most comprehensive," she says. "There is just so much out there. There needs to be a more systematic, easier way to do this."
Kim says providers are moving toward more of a "holistic, community-oriented approach" to threat intelligence. But still, constant vigilance at one's own organization, intimate knowledge of one's own network, is critical.
"You need to be on your toes, in terms of detecting what's going on with your network, knowing what's normal, knowing what's abnormal," she says.
Good staff is essential, she adds, key to "avoiding a situation where you have the best software and processes in the world that flag suspicious activity but there's a human on the other end that doesn't react quickly. That could spell disaster for millions of people through a data breach."
The tried-and-true principles of "people, process and technology" are the best defense, says Kim – even if the last of those three can be a huge help where the other two are hamstrung by humankind's essential fallibility.
Asked to point to some recent tactical success in this never-ending war against cyberthreats, Kim mentions some of "managed security solutions that cloud providers are offering. There's a demand for more automation, because there's so many potential incidents and potential threats."
Technology can "fill the gap where humans fail," she says. For instance, were an absent-minded clinicians to forward an email attachment with personal health information to their personal address, data loss prevention software might detect and prevent that.
Hosted security management that can conduct ongoing assessments and reporting can be a boon, says Kim.
"Providers are relying on it more because it's impossible for ordinary organization to be that vigilant and proactive," she says. "We leave that to specialists – outsourced providers that offer these special services.
"You might not notice that your system has been compromised. You might notice that your system has slowed, but if you're not noticing that network traffic is going in large amounts to a certain IP address that it shouldn't, how would you ever know? It's like an invisible breach."
"We need to get better at detecting anomalies and detecting breaches," says Gallagher. "We just aren't very good at that."
Unfortunately, that's where we are today. Being secure requires constant vigilance, even skill. Simply checking the boxes of a single risk-assessment is nowhere near enough.
As Perakslis notes in NEJM, HIPAA privacy rules have "raised awareness of the importance of protecting personal health information and have provided a regulatory framework to encourage compliance -- but compliance does not necessarily translate into security."
"HIPAA requires you to do ongoing risk management," says Gallagher. "That's the core of the HIPAA security rule."
That's the right approach, she says. "Trying to set any minimal standards for security control would just be disastrous and not helpful."
So what does risk management mean? Gallagher likens it to a loop that needs to be closed: "Once you deal with the current breach and remediation, then you really need to go back and understand the threat and the threat motivator, and you need to factor those things into the adjustments you make to your controls. That would include contingency plans and resiliency as well."
"HIPAA does address the need for contingency plans, in case things go wrong," says Kim. "But it really doesn't spell out the whole complement of what I think most folks in the information security industry would generally think of to do when they try to plan."
When it comes to cyber security, "it's unfortunately a matter of time whether you have an incident," she says. "As to whether it breaches your system, that's another thing. That's why you need to keep on your toes."
All the compliance in the world "does not mean that at some point you won't have an attack and not have a breach," says Gallagher. "That's just the situation we're in with cybersecurity. It has nothing to do with HIPAA. It has to do with the changing threat factor."


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<p>In physics, in particular in electrostatics, the relative permittivity (also known by the now obsolescent term dielectric constant) is an intrinsic property of a non conducting material, a dielectric. It is usually denoted by For simple dielectrics, using SI units, is related to the proportionality constant between the electric field E and the electric displacement D, namely D = E, where is the electric constant. The relative permittivity describes the ease by which a dielectric medium may be polarized. <p>When deciding whether to purchase a stationary massage table or a portable table, there are various advantages on which stationary massage table scores over other tables which are listed below:As stationary massage tables don't have to always be folded and moved at all times, they are often constructed from stronger components, making them stronger compared to foldable type. The biggest benefit from the stationary table is that it doesn't need a hinge in the middle which is certainly necessary for foldable type. The hinge is usually the weakest link in the massage table and this is where the majority of breaks take place if the table is subjected to a heavy stress.</p>. <a href=>maillot france euro 2016</a>
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<p>I therefore have to question Western leaders definition of What is unacceptable to me is that the West the defender of democracy and freedom has closed its eyes to extreme and repeated injustice. What is unacceptable is that we still try to extend a hand to those who stone women to death, rape teenage girls before execution to prevent them from going to heaven, torture and kill students because they want freedom and bury their bodies in unmarked graves while forbidding their families to mourn. What is unacceptable is that despite the fact that the mullahs have been involved in worldwide terrorist activities and that several courts around the world have indicted their leaders, we still fool ourselves into thinking they will cooperate with us. This German frame is just straight off the shelf and it obviously does not have anti reflective coating on it, you're going to get a backwash or reflection when you don't have the anti reflective coating. Lights may bother you at night when headlights are reflecting of the surfaces, let's say a wet street, maybe even another car. It's and so it's not only in the static feature, a nice feature for making the glasses look nicer, but it also does serve, serve a purpose in reducing light, reducing eyestrain on the computer, better night vision and that's why you should have anti reflective coating.</p>. <a href=>ca... antiguas del sevilla fc</a>
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Use shorter sentences, or pause using silence instead of audible sounds. Becoming very familiar with your topic will help too. Practice what you want to say, but don sound rehearsed.</p>. This is one of the most common problems of used truck calgary owners. The first thing you should do if you experience this problem is to check your tires for signs of misalignment or imbalance. If there are none, bring your vehicle to a good mechanic.</p>. <a href=>tee shirt psg prix</a>
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<p>CDMA offers better coverage in rural areas Roaming broadHigh and inconsistent customer service Unique: Monthly $39.99 buys 1000 nationwide minutes anytime. Networks: GSM (Global System for Mobile) Some GSM phones can be used in Europe. Roaming moderateNetworks: CDMA or analog offers better service in rural areas Mid level customer satisfaction Mid to low customer satisfaction Unique: Fair Flexible plan offers a varied minute plan Roaming broadUnique: Rollover minutes, Carry forward unused minutes Networks: CDMA or analog offers better service in rural areas CDMA offers better coverage in rural areas Roaming GSM Phones on GSM networks.</p>. <a href="">chelsea shirt age 9</a>
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<p> Do not hold the pick with more than your thumb and index finger. You need your other three fingers later on for playing harmonics and tapping, so make sure you get into the habit of holding it the right way when you start out so your technique develops from the start without having to alter it later on. It's always harder to unlearn things than learn them the right way from the start.</p>. <a href="">maillot de foot france ribery</a>
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Some become successful with their resolution implementation, whereas some end up with a label of January Joiners (chuckles). Because of its ability to live in tepid to warm water, they can be present in different habitats with comfortable temperature. During the months regarding September as well as October, they appear for sites with pea gravel beds within the streams which are shallow.

<p>Next, successful athletes claim their success before it happens. If you have the chance to listen to successful athletes, you will hear that their words match their goals. Examples may include, "I'm going to make this shot, I'm going to beat my time, or, I'm going to finish in the top 3". <a href="">... maillot barcelone pas cher</a>
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<p>Further west lie the Sierra Nevada mountains of California, and the Cascades of Washington, Oregon and far northern California. The Sierra Nevada was formed geologically recently by uplift as the North American tectonic plate gradually absorbed smaller terranes. The highest point in the contiguous United States is Mount Whitney, at 4421 m (14,505 feet)in the southern Sierra Nevada. <a href="">tott... hotspur mens home shirt 14 15</a>
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<p>Later that month, Time magazine declared it to be the of Mistrust and reported, Americans 72% in the Time /CNN poll fear that they see not a few isolated cases but a pattern of deception by a large number of companies. And that was before word got out about WorldCom, who announced that an internal audit found improper accounting procedures. Their profits from 2000 to 2002 had been overstated by $7.1 billion! And WorldCom said $3.8 billion in expenses had been improperly reported during five quarters. <a href="">maillot officiel 2014 france</a>
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I suppose it would work, but the engineering configuration did not fill me with $300 worth of awe. Now what?Enter the workshop. It smells slightly of paint and sawed wood.

Stroger, Jr. Hospital of Cook County. One was shot in the leg and the other in the arm, but both were treated and in good condition at Advocate Trinity Hospital. <a href="">portugal fifa world cup 2014 kit</a>
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<p>I read the story of a young man who discovered a market for baby toys in China. This particular baby toy can be bought for $2 in China and sold for $9.95 at supermarkets in his country. The young man was excited and kept the information secret.

<p>The valuation of the skill set involved will allow you to decipher whether you have enough of vested interest to pursue this particular hobby as a business venture. Depending on the activity involved you need to consider one of two prongs: (1) Knowledge Base and (2) Skill Level. For hobbies in the first category, the valuation is focused on the dedication to the activity as it provides an extensive knowledge base. <a href=" roja seleccion colombia mujer</a>
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<p>To Sunshine won be released until late August, but I had the good fortune of getting my hands on an advance copy, and I happy to join the chorus of praise for this worthy and wonderful band. This is DIY indie rock, alt country, roots, roadhouse Americana at its best. These San Diego boys are most concerned with authenticity, not radio friendly hits so don expect them to be blasting out of car speakers at every traffic light. <a href="帽a-eurocopa-2015.html">comprar camiseta azul espa帽a eurocopa 2015</a>
<p>Recently the character of this children's book Curious George is used in several public service advertising campaign to solve the complex problems of literacy. The main intension of these advertisements is to inspire the young children of 3 7 years to increase their frequency of reading and encourage them to become lifelong learners. All the advertisements featuring the iconic monkey along with its best friend and mentor 'the man in the yellow hat' aims in encouraging the parents to read aloud the interesting stories of Curious George Books to their children.</p>.

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<p>Visuals can enhance a presentation and help your audience to synthesize the information you're sharing. At the same time, visuals can become unwieldy, distracting or boring, dragging down the liveliness and spontaneity of a presentation. Use visuals thoughtfully and sparingly, relying more on your own personality and passion to bring a presentation to life.</p>. <a href=" goalkeeper jersey youth</a>
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In fact, this pattern looks extensively trendy and stylish. The best part of wedding lehenga choli is that they can be experimented as much as possible to make it look gorgeous. As per the tradition goes, one can also see various kinds of beautify the borders of dupattas.</p>. <a href=" west air jordan 1 ko</a>
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<p>Though the job appears to be simple but Dallas Windshield Repair understands that a lot of technicality is applied in its manufacturing and a windshield should be replaced in such a way that even if it breaks or shatters because of some accident or collision the shards instead of hurting the passengers fly in the outward direction. Dallas Windshield Repair experts are capable of providing you the repaired windscreen so perfectly that you will not be able to identify between the repaired and any new piece. With their presence at many locations the most experienced auto guys bring to you the best quality of windshields in case your vehicle needs an entirely new item.</p>.

<p>These costume contact lenses are not dangerous, as long as you buy them from reputable contact lens manufacturers, or from well known and trusted online sources. However, they must not be swapped with other people, as there is a danger of picking up an infection. They need to be cleaned properly, just as you would your normal contact lenses.</p>. <a href="">ma... united football kit cheap</a>
The earpiece is this portion of the frame. If the earpiece is sticking out too far, which would be in a case such as this, you can take your thumb, curve it as so applying minimal amount of force causing the earpiece to turn. If say the earpiece is digging into the back of your head that means the earpiece itself has twisted like so. <a href="">maillot neymar manche longue</a>
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Recruiting supporters with social fundraising will multiply your revenue by expanding your nonprofit's reach. It is clear that organizations raise more money when they empower individual fundraisers with dedicated fundraising web pages. Those people will reach out to their friends and families with compelling text, images and video explaining their connection to the cause.</p>. <a href="">maillot foot femme psg</a>
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<p>It is important to note that while Emus are fun, interesting, inexpensive to raise, and certainly very unique, it does require some thought before bringing them home. Emus need space to grow and roam (remember yours will eventually be 5 6 feet tall), so you should make arrangements to have an enclosed area set up before their arrival. Also, Emus have sharp claws on their feet so they should always be handled with care. <a href="">torwart trikot borussia dortmund</a>
<p>6. You Raise Me Up "You Raise Me Up" by Josh Grobin is such an amazing song. It definitely is more of a religious contemporary song, and would likely be approved by even some conservative churches for your wedding ceremony.

<p>The Pentaho BI Platform is uniquely process centric and solution oriented. It is process centric because it is built ground up to be process based. It is solution oriented because the solution for many business problems is a process, and the platform includes all the major components required to implement process based solutions.</p>. <a href=" seleccion colombia baratas</a>
<p>President Obama on Friday officially endorsed the House health care bill. He will meet with House Democrats today in advance of the vote. 3962, the Affordable Health Care for America Act, a bill that represents a critical milestone in the effort to reform our health care system. <a href=""... barca jersey</a>
<p>1. Hone your design talents. Home staging requires a good eye for design and a talent for organizing. <a href="">bar... shirt name printing</a>
For this, you will have to do exhaustive research through online resources or from the spying experts; they can give you the valuable tips to buy it at an affordable cost. Simply, you have to look at the equipment which you require according to your needs and requirements. The most common type of spy gear equipments are recording devices such as audio recorders or video cameras.</p>. <a href="莽茫o-da-argentina.html">camisa da sele莽茫o da argentina</a>
Auditory neuropathy is a hearing disorder in which sound gets into the internal ear normally but the transmission of signals from the internal ear to the brain is damaged. An individual with this condition might have trouble distinguishing one sound from another and problems with hearing human speech clearly. Auditory neuropathy is both tough to recognize and care for, even though some men and women have success with listening devices or cochlear impants.</p>. <a href=" jersey number at arsenal</a>
McCain is right to advocate an end to the tax favoritism showed to employer plans. This system works against lower income people, and Mr. Obama has disparaged the McCain proposal in deceptive ways. <a href="脽ball-trikot-portugal-ronaldo.html">fu脽ball trikot portugal ronaldo</a>
<p>Other than that, when you sell your old PC or laptop, it is good to destroy data 100 percent that there are no chances to recover in anyway. When you give a file deletion command, you are not actually deleting it from your digital media. You are simply erasing a reference or direct pointer in the Master File Table.

<p>Related: Video Marketing Mistakes That Cost You SalesIt is extremely crucial that you do your research. Understand what your audience likes and find the patterns that will land you viewers. Break it down to the demographics which you targeting. <a href="">ma... equipe de france rugby femme</a>
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In 1933, the massacre of Semel, in Northern Iraq resulted in the death of 3000 Christians at the hands of Kurds and the Iraqi Army. This was the first atrocity committed by the new Iraqi state under Prime Minister Bakir Sidqi, after gaining independence from the British in 1932. My village Tin, in Northern Iraq, shared a similar fate in 1961.</p>. <a href="">real madrid jersey at myntra</a>
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<p>What are Made to Measure Roller Blind . These are used as accessories for dressing up fashionably. These beads come in various shapes and sizes.

Some young women wore a matching set of slim skirts and sweaters, and men also grew their sideburns to look like Elvis. Neck ties and flat shoes tended to be preferred by the girls. Other fashions young men went for included suede shoes, baggy pants and trousers with white stripes down the sides.</p>. <a href="">buy neymar brazil shirt</a>
<p>When you join, you agree to let the marketplace add your product to a list of products that third party websites can promote. When you do so, you also agree to let the affiliate marketplace (ClickBank or PayDotCom) receive a percentage of each sale. Remember, you will also have to pay a commission to the actual affiliate website that promotes and sells your product. <a href="">... santos home kit</a>
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The cool containers are manufactured from shock proof materials on the external shell, and have insulated material in between the internal shell and external wall. This insulated material is injected foam, inserted under high pressure and fills every gap and join to provide a hard rigid insulation. Maximum insulation is achieved through high spec door seals, making the insulated containers on castors a hygienic and efficient transporter of cool and frozen goods. <a href="">... shirt 2014 cheap</a>
<p>In As a Man Thinketh, James Allen, philosopher of the human spirit, wrote, "Good thoughts and actions can never produce bad results; bad thoughts and actions can never produce good results. This is but saying that nothing can come from corn but corn, nothing from nettles but nettles. Men understand this law in the natural world, and work with it; but few understand it in the mental and moral world (though its operation there is just as simple and undeviating), and they, therefore, do not cooperate with it.4</p>. <a href="帽o.html">camisetas u de chile por a帽o</a>
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The caloric count on these treats can be quite high, and the amount of sugars can be astronomical. You can easily consume your entire load of sugars for the day long before lunchtime ever hits. The product with the highest amount of sugar is Glazed Blueberry Old Fashioned Cake at 29 g per serving. <a href="">free run nike</a>
Wednesday night was supposed to be senior night in Corvallis, Ore. But first year Oregon State coach Wayne Tinkle has nary a senior on his roster. Instead, to start the Beavers' final home game of the season, Tinkle started five walk ons. <a href="">nike shoe</a>
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On this particular day, the special forces soldiers patrolling near the border didn't find any Zetas or pot fields. In addition, they were unable to make radio contact with the other patrol unit they were supposed to meet up with. So they walked back down the mountain, got in the truck and cranked up the pop tunes for the long ride home.. <a href="">nike sverige huvudkontor</a>
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More power outages, little warningDays after a Super Derecho rolled through, another storm brought down trees and power lines over a large area here in the Midwestern US. No tornado warning, but again damage similar to a tornado, only scattered and uni directional. One tree would be untouched, another next to it would be uprooted and knocked over.

When you pull up your account history, most banks will list your pending transactions first and then your posted transactions. Pending transactions have hit your debit card but have not officially posted to your account. They will generally affect your memo balance but not your available balance. <a href="枚da.html">nike air max 90 r枚da</a>
It makes sense to start with an assessment of where you are. If you haven't saved an amount equal to six to eight times your desired annual income in retirement, Adam says, it's time to increase your savings. To do that, you may need to consider downsizing now. <a href="">nike air women</a>
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When out running in the city, we have a general idea of where public bathrooms and water stops are located along our usual routes. Early in the season, you can count on public restrooms being open for the season yet, so we rely on the dreaded port a potty. I sure I speak for most of us it a love/hate relationship. <a href="">nike junior</a>
Abu Dhabi: Like a fish takes to water. There is no better way to describe Chad Le Clos. Having learnt to swim at an early age and started competing by the time he turned 10, the South African is now a Olympic, World and Commonwealth Games champion at 22.". <a href="">nike air max sneakers</a>
Man kan pressa sig till att arbeta ganska mycket nd. Men det gr sjukdomen svrare, depressionen blir djupare och mera lngvarig. Det jag vill komma till r att man kan anvnda sitt lilla uns av ork eller arbetsfrmga p ett mycket mer ekonomiskt stt n till arbete, nmligen till att bli frisk.

<p>As your business grows, you need to consider whether your house has the capacity and space to accommodate your business. More than that, you need to consider how the growth of your business is affecting your family and the quality of your lives. If the business is overtaking your life and space, then it may be time to think of bringing the business elsewhere. <a href=" air force 1 low womens white</a>
While you want to avoid eating bad fats, it is important to ensure you eat good fats as a part of the body. Taking in those healthy fats helps to keep the skin supple, smooth and moist. Healthy fats also are essential for helping with the transport and absorption of fat soluble vitamins, such as vitamin K, vitamin D, vitamin E and vitamin A, which are all important for anti aging. <a href="">billiga nike</a>
<p>If electing S corp status sounds like a viable option for you, please note that time is of the essence. A corporation must elect S corp status by filing Form 2553, by a Small Business Corporation with the Internal Revenue Service before the 16th day of the third month of the tax year in order for the S corp status to take effect in the same tax year. See the IRS instructions for Form 2553 for more information, including the conditions that must be met by corporations that wish to elect S corp status.</p>. <a href="">discount oakley sunglasses</a>
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Claude Hopkins once wrote five pages of solid text for Schlitz beer. In a few months, Schlitz moved up from fifth place to first. I once wrote a page of solid text for Good Luck Margarine, with most gratifying results.</p>.

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